How to care for your MM swimwear

If you care for your Miss Mandalay swimwear, it’ll look after you season after season.  We source the finest quality fabrics from leading swimwear mills around the world and caring for you swimwear correctly will prevent these fabrics from deteriorating.

The key to making your favourite MM bikini last is a simple and effective washing and drying cycle. Please follow our guide below to keep your much-loved swimwear in pristine condition. 

  1. Start by rinsing your swimwear in cold water as soon as possible after wearing. This will help wash out any chlorinated water and sand particles.
  2. After rinsing, fill a clean sink or bowl with cool water and add a mild detergent formulated for garments with a high spandex/elastane content. 
  3. Gently swirl your swimwear in the soapy water, and soak for up to 20 minutes - avoid leaving your garment to soak for too long in order to keep the elasticity of the fabric intact.
  4. Next allow your swimwear to dry. Never wring out excess water from the garment as this will damage the fabric, simply leave the garment to dry on a flat surface, ensuring that it is in a dry area away from direct sunlight as powerful UV rays could cause the fabric to fade. 
  5. Wait until your swimwear is completely dry before you wear it again or put it away, to ensure that the fibres are back to their correct position and will hold their elasticity correctly. 
  6. Once dry, your MM bikini will be ready to be worn again and will remain looking fantastic.


Remember to wash bikini sets together so that the top and bottoms are being treated with the same care – this ensures that the colour stays consistent on matching garments.

Remove any sand that may have found its way into your bikini before you wash it. Shake the garment outside to get rid of the sand then proceed to wash the bikini as above.

Take extra care when wearing your swimwear in Hot tubs and Jacuzzis as they contain a higher level of chlorine, as do outdoor swimming pools, and so will cause the delicate fabrics to deteriorate more quickly.


Never put your swimwear in the washing machine, tumble dryer, or use an iron on your swimwear. Don’t even be tempted to use a delicate or hand wash setting as the fabrics are still too delicate for this harsh treatment.  

Sun cream, tanning lotions and oils can damage & discolour your swimwear, so take care to limit exposure of these products to your swimwear to prevent staining – but always remember to keep your skin protected if you’re spending time in the sun!

When you wear & wash your swimwear be careful not to snag the fabric with sharp nails, jewellery or by sitting on rough services.

Miss Mandalay cannot take responsibility for damage to garments where the care instructions have not been correctly adhered to.